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Wza Company Ltd. is an independent oil service provider, covering Upstream, Midstream and Downstream oil industry. The company is owned by Nokan Group, which is among the largest construction, industrial and commercial investment companies in Kurdistan region and Iraq. It invests in various important fields having a great influence on the country’s economic prosperity such as: cement industry, assets, telecommunication, media, aviation, energy, security, logistics, agriculture … etc. Wza Company is chaired by Parwin Babaker Hama Agha, supported by a team of senior petroleum advisors for technical and business development, a senior legal advisor, a senior financial advisor, local and international consultants and a technical and administrative staff.


Our vision in oil industry to

Buildup constructive, cooperative and transparent contributions in the renovation, reconstruction and rehabilitations of Kurdistan Economy and the Region.
exchanging between local and international standard towards high quality and environmental friend productions


We implement our projects based on transparency and in accordance with the applied laws and regulations. Our work takes in consideration the human rights principles and the environmental protection standards. We make all efforts to create a balance between the advanced technology and our human resources according to a reasonable and agreeable master plan.

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