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About us

UKOR Company is the Ukrainian-Kurdish Company for oil refining which was incorporated in Kurdistan in February 2014 by Kurdish company WZA Petroleum and Ukrainian company Ukrzemresurs LTD. The main purpose of the UKOR Company is the development of oil refinery industry in Kurdistan Region.

Our investors

Wza Company Ltd. is an independent oil service provider, covering Upstream, Midstream and Downstream oil industry. The company is owned by Nokan Group, which is among the largest construction, industrial and commercial investment companies in Kurdistan region and Iraq.

Ukrzemresurs LLC is one of the leaders among private companies in oil & gas sector of Ukraine, which conducts geological exploration, drilling, explorationand natural gas condensate refining and delivery since 2004.


  1. Projects

The main our project in Kurdistan Region is the construction in Bazian region of Kurdistan of hydrocarbon crude processing complex for commercial grade fuels (EURO-4) production with capacity of 600 thousand tons per year or 20,000 bbl/day with possibility of extension up to 1 million tons per year. Refined products will consist of 6,000 bbl/d of gasoline, 10,200 bbl/d of diesel, and 3600 bbl/d of fuel oil. The project has an estimated capital cost of USD $25,165,376 and will take 2.5 – 3 years to build.

The distinguishing features of the oil refinery complex are the integrated approach and the application of a number of modern technological processes such as:

  • primary processing of hydrocarbon crude (oil and gas condensate) with the use of modern technologies;
  • MultiFormingPro – catalytic process of deeper gasoline fraction processing to produce high-octane gasoline according to Euro-4 standard;
  • the process of blending (compounding) of the gasoline fraction, to produce gasoline AI-92, AI-95 according to Euro-4 standard;
  • receiving and storage of crude in the commodity park;
  • storage and shipping of finished petroleum products into road transport.


Project Benefits


The main anticipated benefits from the proposed UKOR Refinery are:

  • Significantly increased energy security for the Kurdish state.
  • Potentially reduced energy costs for local consumer of refined fuels and other products.
  • Increased government revenues
  • Some increased local employment opportunity.
  • Improvements in road infrastructure between the proposed refinery site and Sulaimaniyah



A large operation such as ours, in terms of both its physical footprint and size of workforce, will always have some impact on the environment and the community. So it’s very important to us that any impact we make is of a positive nature.

In our pursuit of continuous environmental improvement, with regards to both the management of our operations and the products we produce, we have committed millions of dollars to reducing potential harm to the environment as well as enhancing the natural surroundings in which we operate.

Just as we are committed to our environment, we are equally committed to our community, working hard to be a fair and caring employer as well as a sensitive corporate citizen and neighbour.


Our Location

The proposed Ukor Refinery location approximately 3 km SE of Bazian and approximately 13 kilometers West of Sulaiymaniyah city in Central Kurdistan, Iraq.

Flora & Fauna

The Environmental Management System will be set in place to ensure that all aspects of work performed by staff, contractors and service providers will have minimal impact on the environment, including flora and fauna.


Environmental Policy Statement
We will:

  • Continually improve our environmental performance so that the risk and significance of environmental impacts caused by our activities is minimised.
  • Comply with the law.
  • Continue pushing to make our site clean and tidy, through key business initiatives.
  • Use appropriate environmental and technical standards to improve our environmental performance
  • Build mutual trust and understanding with our stakeholders.
  • The impacts of our activities on our community are minimised as far as is practicable.
  • Support the aims of this policy by ensuring resources, roles, responsibilities, authorities, and competencies are appropriately allocated and managed.



The proposed Ukor Refinery will provide some minor employment for unskilled laborers, trades people, security personnel, and experienced drilling hands where these are available. This increased temporary work opportunity will occur within an area dominated by low wage agricultural employment derived from production of crops and livestock.